Our Framework

The company presently has team of professionals; Architects, Engineers,Quantity surveyors, Builders and administrators for the day-to day running.

Our stakeholders are clients, consultants, employees, subcontractors, suppliers, dealers and other members of the public. We focus on needs and strive to satisfy the minimum expectation of each stakeholder group.

Projects and Construction Team Services’  management style is structured around  spirit of teamwork [clients and stakeholders] in a bid to achieve long-standing success. Operating through compact efficient units with a minimum of bureaucracy, its philosophy is to create aggressive growth through result oriented management structures.

At Projects and Construction Team Services, we run a near-flat organization system that empowers middle level officer to take operational decisions quickly. It also secures easy communication between top management and the operatives guaranteeing that decision are quickly reached and client service time shortened. Moreover, the company operates the concept of service centers. 

Accordingly, the company is structured into the following service centers:  

  • consulting services group
  • Project contracting group
  • Technical / support service group
  • Investment and management services group
  • Building and civil Engineering construction
  • Construction consultancy
  • Construction support services and industries
    • Steel works fabrication
    • Furnishing and interiors. Construction
    • materials manufacturing and supplies.
  • Real Estate Development
  • Renovations and Interior design
  • Investment management and Development
  • Consultancy